A quick jaunt to the Mighty Mo

Although I got away a bit later than originally planned (by about a day and a half…missing the Hair Museum in Independence, alas – Leila is reported to have locks of the infamous – Elvis, Marilyn, Lincoln, the Virgin Mary, and more)…I met up with the guys for a tour through Missouri for an upcoming show (and an proposed travel guide of the midwest).  Today wasn’t jam-packed with art, although The Wheel’s guberburgers could be considered masterful in some circles.  The original restaurant in Sedalia closed earlier this year, much to the chagrin of old-time lake people like myself.  The new place, is just further down 54, has the original signage, as well recipe…for a hamburger with peanut butter.

The highlight of the day was Boathenge, which is just as it sounds, nestled along the Missouri River.  The creator “Catfish” with help from good friends, buried 6 boats, nose down, in a glen along the Katy Trail – surprising unsuspecting bikers as they pedal into Cooper’s Landing, a riverside campsite with a terrific Thai “restaurant”  OK – it is more like a trailer that serves up fresh, spicy, tasty food on disposable plates, for diners to enjoy at the riverside picnic tables.
The folks that live along the river are true characters with big hearts.  Houseboat living, with impromptu jam sessions and a pot luck dinner, suddenly becomes an appealing way of life on a warm spring night. Talking with folks like Rex Bandy (a Columbia, Mo folk artist) makes my day.  Seeing him proudly show off his art, and hearing him talk of his genuine respect and love of women (in a endearing, not creepy way) and his stories of working in the psych unit in the Korean War,  made me feel I have known him for ever.
(also visited a Martin House “environment” in Sedalia)
Car tunes: alas…the cd player is broken…very random selections from Ricki Lee Jones, Prince, the Clash and Elvis Costello…then nothing…