A welded wonderland in Arkansas — Finton Shaw

Finton Shaw

October 26, 1946 — May 20, 2012
Conway, AR
Welded sculptures

Finton Shaw was born in England, Arkansas on October 26, 1946. At a very early age he began showing an interest in drawing and sculpture. He remembers making figures from the mud in the rice fields when he was supposed to be working. Finton showed little interest in my studies at school. This caused much friction between he and his parents and consequently his  art fell by the wayside.

Even with little encouragement, he still dabbled in art from time to time and kept the lust for it burning and alive. In the last few years Finton has made a commitment to seriously work on his art.

Finton had the upper body of a stevedore or maybe an ironworker, the latter of which just happens to be the occupation he’s had most all his life. But after some heart attacks in his 40s, he started thinking more about the big picture and about using his skills to make art that explored life’s larger questions. “Cosmic Love” and “The Lady From Madagascar” are just a couple of the more provocative forms that say this isn’t your typical Ozarks sculptor’s subject matter.

His welded sculptures can be seen from the roadside of Highway 64, outside of Conway, AR.

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