Always God, Always Coca Cola — Missionary Mary Proctor

“Missionary” Mary Proctor

June 11, 1960 —
Tallahassee, FL
Paintings, sculptures and environment

Already suffering from health problems, Mary Proctor’s depression became more pronounced after losing her beloved grandmother, aunt, and uncle in a tragic house fire. She was running an odds-and-ends store in rural north Florida when God told her that “the door is the way.” An old door was lying in her yard, so she took some blue and white car paint and started to paint.

She began to feel better and hasn’t stopped painting since. Her American Folk Art Museum and Gallery in Tallahassee is a yard filled with painted doors bearing the likenesses of Martin Luther King and Sojourner Truth, along with joyful homages to her grandmother, angels, presidents, and even Coca-Cola.

(Photos © Copyright 2006-2013 Kelly Ludwig, all rights reserved. Location photos courtesy of Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations)

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