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  • Grotto of the Redemption

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    Talk about the power of crystals! Rising out of the small town of West Bend, a part of Iowa where the landscape is seldom disturbed by anything larger than a grain silo, lies the Grotto of the Redemption.

  • Carhenge

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    Carhenge is perfectly suited to the great wide open. James Reinders carefully laid it out to echo the real 'Henge, right down to the capstones that bring in the summer solstice.

  • Porter Sculpture Park – Wayne Porter

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    This jaw-dropping sculpture park is located on the the South Dakota Drift Prairie, with more than fifty industrial art sculptures. All created by Wayne Porter with scrap metal, old farm equipment, or railroad tie plates.

  • Shrine of the Black Madonna

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    This gorgeous garden of grottos was built to honor Our Lady of Czestochowa, who came to be known as the Black Madonna because of the way she appeared in early paintings. Brother Bronislaus Luszcz literally did all the building here, using rocks, broken glass, and castoff jewelry to add to the splendor. In one of the most fitting of conclusions, the good brother passed away on the grounds while hard at work on one last sculpture.

  • Tyree Guyton’s Heidelberg Project

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    Tyree Guyton's Heidelberg Project is still the best known, thanks to the millions of polka dots with which he's blanketed his neighborhood. Trees, houses, streets and sidewalks all dotted up in a downtrodden part of town he's determined to help heal through the power of art.

  • Larry Baggett’s tribute to the Trail of Tears

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    Trail of Tears Memorial – Larry Baggett 21250 State Rt D Newburg, MO Concrete environment, Route 66 art Larry Baggett...

  • “You almost have to be gifted to do what I’ve done” — Fred Smith

    blog, folk art environment, Midwest

    Wisconsin Concrete Park – Fred Smith 1886-1976 Phillips, WI Concrete environment Built: 1948 – 1964 Open to the public “It...

  • Saints and sinners — Theresa Disney

    blog, folk artist, Midwest

    Theresa Disney 1965 — St. Louis, MO Sculptures and paintings Private (artist) Theresa Disney loves to tell a story through...



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