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Fountain City Rock Garden

John and Bertha Mehinger  |  dates unknown  |  Fountain City, WI Rock and concrete environment  |  1933-1935 This was one of those great moments in being lost.  After I left Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden, I remembered reading in Lisa Stone’s book, “Sacred Spaces & Other…

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Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden

Herman Rusch  |  1885-1985  |  near Cochrane, WI Embellished concrete environment  |  Created 1958 – 1974 The highway along the Mississippi River winds through lush farm land and great bluffs.  Growing up in Missouri, where the Mississippi is big and muddy and the flood plains…

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Fred Smith’s Wisconsin Concrete Park

Fred Smith   |  1886-1976  |  Phillips, WIEmbellished concrete environment  |  Created 1948-1964  Driving on from the Rudolph Grotto and Wonder Cave, past Colby, WI (yes, it is the home of colby cheese), it was a few hours to Phillips and the  main destination that got…

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Rudolph Grotto Gardens and Wonder Cave

Fr. Philip Wagner   |  1882-1959  and Edmund Rybicki  |  1916-1991  |  Rudolph, WI Grotto  |  Created 1928 through the 1950s After a thwarted attempt to find Tony’s Fan Fair in Steven’s Point (he passed away and his fan-filled yard had been completely dismantled) , it was time…

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Peg Leg’s yard

Somewhere in Wisconsin, near Mt. Horeb Metal sculpture yard Driving along a back highway, there was a yard full of sculptures.  No one was home, and I couldn’t find an address…but had to stop the car and take a couple of photos.  Maybe they were…

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