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Richard Margolin’s Rock and Roll House

Richard Margolin  |  dates unknown  |  Encinitas, CA Adorned home environment | Created 2001-2007 Another “believe-it-or-not-it’s-a-rental” amazing environment.  And unfortunately it was dismantled in April of 2007, making way for condos and office buildings…. Luckily, we were there 5 months before the wrecking ball.  This…

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John Taylor's ships

John Taylor  |  1954-  |  San Juan Capistrano, CA Found object sculptures When you look at John Taylor’s ships, is hard to believe that they haven’t just been pulled from the ocean floor. (OK – you can believe it, but the patina is even more…

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Miles Miner Kellogg Boat Houses

Miles Miner Kellogg Boat Houses Miles Minor Kellogg  |  unknown  |  Encinitas, CA Vernacular architecture  |  Built ca. 1928 Miles Minor Kellogg was an early recycler.   Hailing from the Great Lakes area of Michigan, he moved to this Southern California town, bringing seafaring and building…

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G & R Mufflers

  My flight landed in San Diego in the morning and I hopped in the rental and headed north to meet up with the guys from Rare Visions.  They were heading in from the desert and we joined up in Lake Elsinore, CA at a…

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