Dan Slaughter’s Sculptures

Dan Slaughter

McGregor, IA

Sculptures and environment  

So, Larry and I didn’t take our respective flights home from the Kohler conference, instead opted for a car trip back to KC through Iowa, with hopes of seeing some new sites and revisiting old friends.  After a stormy night driving on windy roads through Wisconsin, we safely made it to Prairie du Chein and treated ourselves to a fried chicken dinner at the only place still open (and conveniently located near our Best Western.  

We rose early and began our adventure…with the first stop to revisit our friend, Dan Slaughter, self-proclaimed “toothless old bastard.”  We enjoyed a cup of coffee as the sun burned through the clouds and the jack hammers pounded away on the highway out front.  Dan has a way with a chainsaw and hatchet. His back yard is filled with innumerable life-sized totem pole carvings of other characters—Elvis, the Jolly Green Giant, Pocahontas, a sheriff, a soldier—the list goes on and on. When a storm knocked down one of his 25-foot totem poles, he cut each of the stacked characters apart and placed them throughout his yard alongside the others. He also collects and sells antiques and other memorabilia in his barn.  

After much deliberation and more even configurations, we were able to fit the carved siting mermaid into our yellow Cobra rental car to take home with me.  Larry also made a much smaller and thinner purchase of a Yale key.