Easter Island on the Hudson

Ted Ludwiczak

1926 —
Haverstraw, NY
Sculpture (stone)
Private property  –  Visible from the street

Right there on the banks of the Hudson, where the river is at its widest, Ted Ludwiczak makes his heads.

They’re like friends to him, he says. Ted worked for years as a contact lens maker. When he retired, he found himself looking for things to do. One day while working on a seawall at the edge of his property, he saw a rock that looked like a face to him. He chiseled some on it, then went back the next day and made a companion for it, so it wouldn’t be lonely. Then 67 more on the seawall, and then heads all over the yard and onto his porch, and, well you get the idea. Ted makes some of his own tools for doing the work from lawnmower blades and that’s part of the fun too

Sweet, humble and pretty darned spry, we think Ted’s another great example of grassroots art helping improve people’s “golden years.”

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(Photos and information courtesy of Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations)

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