Ed Stilley – last of the Ozark homesteaders & guitar maker


Ed Stilley – Guitars

Dates unknown
Beaver Lake, AR
Guitar artist and musician

The instruments shown was built by one of the last homesteaders of the Ozark Mountains. Ed Stilley of Hogscald Hollar, cut down trees from his land, then nailed and glued them together. It’s fitted with a saw blade pinned by coil springs, welding-rod frets, a couple of door springs and a steak bone nut & saddle sitting on two stacks of dimes. All told, the guitar weighs a good 30 lbs!

All this metal and spring inside the guitar creates a mysterious reverb that Ed describes as the voice of God. Ed has made over 150 instruments and given them all away to children in response to a ‘calling’.

(Photos courtesy of Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations)

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