Henry’s Sculpture Hill

Frank Jensen  |  1933 –  |  Augusta, KS

Sculpture environment  |  creation dates unknown

Just outside of the Flint Hills in Kansas, before you get to Wichita, there is the small town of Augusta.  Henry’s Sculpture Hill is the creation of Frank Jensen, who has created over 30 large metal sculptures, many based on a literary theme, placed on his property, with some easily spotted from Highway 96/400.  If you stop and look closely,  you will see the witches from MacBeth, Don Quixote, the Pied Piper,  (by the by – the “Henry” of the Sculpture Hill refers to H. D. Thoreau, one of Frank’s inspirations. )

5 miles later, my vehicle broke down, altering plans a bit as it was towed back to KC.  I went on to Dallas.  The folks at the Augusta Ford dealership were good sports about helping me get a tow truck, even though I wasn’t driving “one of their cars.”

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