Ice Storm Aftermath at MT Liggett’s

M.T. Liggett  |  1930-  |  Mullinville, KS

Metal sculpture environment  |  Created 1989-present

That ice storm that hit southern Missouri was part of a wave of storms that moved through the Midwest for a week.  Although I wasn’t in Mullinville at the time, my dear friend, M.T. Liggett just sent over 400 beautiful photos from his environment along Highway 400. Luckily there was no damage, just a lot of added beauty by Mother Nature.  Go check out some of the photos.

It all started with a gargoyle to protect his horse, next a less than flattering caricature of a county commissioner, then to another and another. Soon, M.T. Liggett’s welded social commentary took root on his farm just outside Mullinville, Kansas. In 1989, after a career in the Air Force, M.T. returned to the farm where he was born. There he began creating fantastic, sometime kinetic, “totem poles” from scraps of metal, old car parts, road signs, and just about anything else he find. Now stretching almost a mile along Route 400, his garden of goat-getting political satire keeps the town folks at the local diner irritated. “I say what I want to say, and I piss a lot of people off.” Beneath his gruff exterior lies an extremely intelligent and talented man who has volumes to say. 

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