Kohler’s “Taking the Road Less Traveled” symposium now online!

(“Blackbirds, Blue Woman” by Martha Heavenston, 1992.  On the grounds of the Jan Michael Kohler Art Center)

co-hosted by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and the Kohler Foundation, Inc.

An International Conference – September 27-30, 2007

Sheboygan, WI

Let’s just say it again and again – The Kohler’s are visionary, self-taught, vernacular, “your-term-here” artist’s greatest champions.  The museum is jaw-dropping, their work to save and restore environments is inspiring.  I was fortunate to attend this conference last fall and was mesmerized.  And a bit frustrated that I couldn’t absorb all of the incredible information being shared that weekend.  

Now, the full conference has been streamed on line, for everyone to enjoy.  For me, particular highlights included Ruth DeYoung Kohler’s opening, Jo Farb Hernandez’s “Catalonia Labyrinth,” Dan Dryden and Don Christensen’s discussion on discovering and saving Emery Blagdon’s Healing Machines, Phyllis Kind’s discussion of imagery at Kenny Hill’s Garden of Salvation, Daniel Franklin Ward’s insights on Watt’s Towers, and Tom Patterson’s passion for saving St. EOM’s Land of Pasaquan…but it is all amazing.  

I just wish it was bigger…and/or available on pod cast, so I could listen to it on my upcoming road trip.

(one of the amazing bathrooms at the art center)