Peacocks and rocks – Petersen Rock Gardens

Petersen Rock Gardens – Rasmus Petersen

1883 — 1952
Redmond, OR
Environment with rocks
Built: 1935 – 1952
Open to the public

Castles and bridges, malachite and thundereggs, ponds and peacocks. This is one of the most underrated folk art environments in the United States. The constructions are very sophisticated, the landscaping is incredible, and the site has been well maintained by the family. It’s only a little bit hard to find; just look for the patch of bright blue Oregon sky above. (And don’t miss the fluorescent rock display in the museum.)

Peacocks have a really good gig at this place.  We found what seemed like dozens of them perched and preening all around the castles, bridges, towers and lovely rock chapels that make up the Petersen Gardens.

All the rockwork was  constructed out here on the edge of the mountains by a Danish farmer named Rasmus Petersen  No art training, and it really started innocently enough.  He built one rockery near the house, people said it was nice, and off he went, doing much of the work inside in the winter and erecting it when warm weather came.

There’s a marker near the oddly proportioned Lady Liberty that presides over one corner of the complex which says “enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.”  Prophetically enough, Rasmus died when he was still in the thick of creating this place.  No telling what more might have been added.

But a granddaughter who never got to meet him still keeps it open (on the honor system, no less) for visitors who enjoy an outdoor art experience, albeit one punctuated by an occasional loud animal outburst!

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(Photos and informations courtesy of Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations)

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