How to save a folk art environment

Seymour Rosen for SPACES – Suggested Steps to Action

Seymour Rosen (1935 – 2006)

Seymour Rosen was one of the great champions of folk art. He founded the Los Angeles-based organization SPACES and launched the successful campaign to save Watts Towers. Raw Visions Magazine has an online tribute to Seymour, as does our friend and contributor “Narrow Larry” Harris.

Seymour’s technique for conserving art environments was developed by him over a 20-year period and is considered as proprietary. The technique must not be sold or used without permission from Seymour Rosen’s heir – Jo Farb Hernandez and his company SPACES ARCHIVE!


Gaining recognition for the site:

State and Local Level Achieving notoriety for an artist and his/her site should first be accomplished at the state or local level. While each state has its own criteria for statewide recognition, some individual states have various levels of status. Write the State Historic Preservation Officer at your state capitol for specific details. This is the place to begin.

Develop the following list of people and organizations you will have to deal with. All of them could be useful to fulfill your goals. Having these numbers easily available will prove very useful.

All these people and organizations should know that you exist, have some substantive information on the site you are trying to save an important work of art and cultural attraction. Make sure you have a contact name.

  • Local people and organizations
  • Arts oriented
  • Historic
  • Chamber of Commerce/business organizations
  • Local/state/federal politicians responsible for your are
  • Public figures
  • Possible committee members
  • Celebrities
  • Service Organizations
  • Media
  • Local/state papers
  • T.V.
  • State magazine
  • Local radio
  • Universities/colleges/schools
  • Local/State
  • Potential energy sources (volunteers)
  • Seniors group
  • Service organizations
  • Church groups
  • Guilds/Unions
  • Funding

  • State/Local governmental arts organizations
  • Local business
  • Corporations with plants in the area
  • Local foundations get guidelines and dates for submission from granting organizations
  • Conservation Corps
  • Service organizations
  • Potential users of property
  • Day care
  • Senior Citizen Center
  • Arts Center
  • Schools
  • Neighbors
  • Extremely important
  • People with skills you need to save/repair
  • People for Advisory Board
  • Folks with titles
  • Artists’ relatives