Ringing in the new with some old favorites

And some new ones, too.  The original plan was to find the Tool fence in Collinsville for the upcoming Rare Visions book.  Alas, it is gone.  And I was befuddled.  How does someone get rid of a long welded, heavy, metal fence?  But the good news is that there was a “discovery” of another site…the Cave House in Tulsa.  Unfortunately the owners weren’t home, but I suspect I will be back…

The Cave House
1623 W. Charles Page Blvd.
Tulsa, OK
Private property, open for tours on weekends after March 1.

Built in 1920s by Joseph Koberling Sr. and James Purzer.  Onetime restaurant and “speakeasy” with Pretty Boy Floyd as a guest. Now the tunnels are currently sealed off.  It is rumored that the park across the street, Newblock Park,  is a mass grave with the bodies of the black victims from the 1921 Race Riots.

Great signage at a shopping mall…good hand lettering is hard to find
On to Claremore, and the Will Rogers Museum. I didn’t have any expectations and was so glad I stopped.  It is a well designed museum and memorial to an icon.  Luckily much of the memorabilia and footage of Will Rogers career are on display.  Be sure to check out the silents of him doing rope tricks.  Amazing.
Will Rogers Memorial Museum

1720 West Will Rogers Boulevard
Claremore, OK
Open everyday of the year, 8-5

“Stage, Indian, Cowboy, Movies, Thinker, Husband, Father, Aviator, Writer”

On to Catoosa, to one of the most recognizable roadside attractions along Route 66…the Big Blue Whale.

The Big Blue Whale

2705 North Highway 66
Catoosa, OK
Open during daylight hours

Driving into Tulsa along Route 66…

The temperature was dipping lower than the sun, and my fingers were a bit numb, but it was great to see the Boston Avenue Church at night.

Boston Avenue Church
design accredited to Bruce Goff, and Miss Adah Robinson, 1929
1301 South Boston
Tulsa, OK

Happy new year!