Robert E. Smith’s mural in Springfield, MO

Robert E. Smith’s mural of Springfield, Missouri in downtown.
Robert E. Smith (b. 1927)
Springfield, MO
Outsider Folk Artist, Painter

It was just a quick roadtrip to Springfield, Missouri, just to get on the road and away from teh computer for a little while.  The remnants of hurricane Gustav have made their way to the midwest, but a little rain can’t hurt a brick wall, now can it?  Stopped off to revisit Robert’s mural, I just love the way he fills space, alters perspective to fit all of the details of life in downtown Springfield.  

Robert E. Smith paints everything. He paints images from his life: things he sees on television, reads in books, and people he meets on the street. He paints on everything: canvas, sides of buildings, cardboard, even an old missile. And painting isn’t his only form of expression. He is also a self-published author, writing stories such as “Absent Minded Artist ‘Holy Cow, I Forgot My Easel Board’ Jeffrey Speaks” and printing them at the local color copy shop. His filled-space art is joyous, colorful, and full of action—much like the artist, who rides his bike around Springfield, Missouri, singing and whistling.

To learn more about Robert and his paintings, please visit detour art