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Istre Cemetery Houses

Driving between Lafayette and Lake Charles, I took a detour to see if I could find Istre Cemetery, an old graveyard that still had “cemetery houses.”     Once numbering in the hundreds, only three grave houses remain.  200 years ago, Acadian settlers in southwest…

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Davis Memorial

Davis Memorial – John Milburn Davis Mount Hope Cemetery Hiawatha, KS John Milburn Davis erected this memorial to “the sacred memory” of his wife, Sarah. After she died in 1930, he almost immediately commissioned the work to begin. In every sense it was a monumental…

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viva las vegas (nm) – another incredible site discovery!

Casa de Colores—Casimiro “Casey” T. Marquez Home environment (interior and exterior) Las Vegas, NM “I live a happy life.” – Casey Another lucky day!  Magaret walked us over to an amazing site we had never heard of, and right around the corner from the hotel….

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