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Shrine of the Black Madonna

This gorgeous garden of grottos was built to honor Our Lady of Czestochowa, who came to be known as the Black Madonna because of the way she appeared in early paintings. Brother Bronislaus Luszcz literally did all the building here, using rocks, broken glass, and castoff jewelry to add to the splendor. In one of the most fitting of conclusions, the good brother passed away on the grounds while hard at work on one last sculpture.

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Black Madonna Shrine and Grottos in Eureka, Missouri

Black Madonna Shrine—Bronislaus Luszcz  outside of Eureka, MO  Created 1938-1960  Grottos and shrine to honor Our Lady of Czestochowa  Open to the public The weather was just about as good as it gets for a summer day in Missouri…luckily there were no storms in sight….

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