The Amazing Eliphante

Eliphante – Mike Kahn and Leda Livant

Dates unknown
Cornville, AZ
Sculptural and  environment
Built: 1980’s-present

Located south of Sedona, near the town of Cornville, Arizona, Eliphante is a mesmerizing sculptural and architectural environment created over the past 20 years by artists Mike Kahn and Leda Livant. Set on three acres adjacent to a creek bed, the composition consists of three main structures:

  1. Eliphante, the original construction, with a cave-like entrance tunnel that leads to a magnificent vaulted room complete with a built-in piano and walls of driftwood mosaics and colored glass.
  2. Pipe Dreams, where Mike & Leda display their paintings and sculpture.
  3. The Hippodome, Mike & Leda’s living quarters, furnished with beautiful free-form wood furniture. In addition, the grounds are accented with arbors, gardens, a pool, and sculptures.


  • 1979 – Michael & Leda moved themselves and their paintings from Provincetown MA to rural land in Cornville Arizona. There they began the first mixed media structure which they later called Eliphante. They continued building and sculpting on the 3 acre environment.
  • 1987 – They formed a non~profit (501-3c) art organization – Eliphante LTD. By word of mouth over two-thousand people have visited the site.
  • 1994 – Eliphante was listed with the Smithsonian’s SOS (Save Outdoor Sculpture)
  • 1996 – With David O’Keefe and Michael Glastonbury, Michael and Leda began the largest sculptured structure “Pipedreams” which includes the installation of all the paintings in: “a painting Journey.”
  • 2007 – Mike passed away December 2007 and Leda has now moved to Santa Fe.  A dear friend is now taking care of the property.

(Photos courtesy of Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations)

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