The Shoe Lady — L.V. Hull


Viola “L.V.” Hull

Kosciusko, MS
Yard art and mixed media

L.V. is often referred to as “The Shoe Lady” because of her way with footwear. But shoes, it turns out, are just the tip of the iceberg. Every square inch was put to use. At her house you could have encountered more shoes, signs, and other odd stuff crammed into one small space than you ever thought was possible. We’re talking wall-to-wall artwork, arranged with barely enough room to squeeze through between the piles.

She figured that all kinds of things other people don’t want are just the things she needed. Making her art helped her laugh and brought people to her house from all over the world. People whom she’d never have met any other way. The slogans on her many hand-painted signs express her attitude nicely and concisely. For example, “Friends Are Hard to Find, Mind Your Business!”

duplicate (15903)(photo courtesy of Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations)

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