Tim Anderson’s Little Mansion

Tim Anderson’s Little Mansion

308 Seventh Street
Roundup, MT
Folk art environment, Private – visible from the street

Wheels and pitchforks and sheepherders’ monuments are designed into a most unique environment. Someday Tim hopes to build an entire “Log Town.”

Turns out there’s more than one reason for going to Roundup. Tim Anderson calls it his Little Mansion, and if you like rocks, you’re going to like what Tim’s Done with the place. It features not just rocks – which he’s nailed to the wall – but wagon wheels, horseshoes, pitchforks, washing machines and other things that people throw away. Tim hauls all these found objects with his bike or tractor, and he uses them to decorate both his home and yard with a designer’s measured eye. “I call that the Go-Mobile,” he says, pointing out a free form metal assemblage that he readily admits “Don’t go.” His dream is to build a whole town this way, and perhaps find a wife who might help him accomplish his grand architectural scheme.


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