Wigwam Motel in Cave City, KY

And so I did.  This is one of the last three Wigwam Motels left in America (The other 2 are in Holbrook, AZ and Rialto, CA).  The beds were surprisingly comfortable, the room quite cozy.  Be forewarned, the modern creature comforts are not found (no internet, no hair dryers, no phone or alarm clocks, etc.) but this is the real deal, so revel in it!

Wigwam Village #2 was built in 1937 on US-31W in Cave City. There are 15 wigwams used as guest rooms and a much bigger tepee that originally served as a restaurant, but now is the office and gift shop (which opens at 8:30 am – unfortunately to late for my shopping pleasures, as I was looking at a 9 1/2 hour drive home). The wigwams are arranged in a semi circle around a common area with playground and recreation area. Each wigwam has a place for one car.

According to wikipedia, the diameter at the base of each teepee is 14 feet, they are 32 feet in height and built of concrete and steel. At the back of the each wigwam is a very  small tile bathroom with sink, toilet, and shower (shower quickly…limited hot water). The rooms contain the original restored hickory furniture, cable TV and a window mounted air conditioner, and a very effective space heater that was needed on this brisk fall night.